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SP MATHS sees Learning Environment is as important as Teaching Quality.
Because of that, SP MATHS emphasize in excellent and best in class Learning Environment for students across different branches. 

SP MATHS Private Transport

Private Transporter

For the safety of Boarding Students to attend their classes,  SP MATHS invested in in-house private transporter to fetch students from school, to the center and vice versa.

Not only that, SP MATHS also provide transport service for non-boarding students!

High Tech classroom with samsung flip 2 for learning

Advanced Learning Facility

Learning with whiteboard no longer able to attract students' attention at all time. So, SP MATHS resolved the issue by implementing interactable Display system, Samsung Flip 2.
Not only this TV is able to move, but students are able to interact with the screen by drawing, writing, rotating, and conduct presentations!
Of course, this isn't all, but part of a peek of what is found in our classroom!

Aircond classroom. Advanced technology for learning

Multi-displays For Every Students

Excellent Air-Conditioned atmosphere is the standard facility in SP MATHS. Not only students will be able to learn in the optimum temperature, classrooms are also well equipped with multiple displays for their best learning experience.
Not happy with this view? Change it!

Online, physical and recorded class all being conducted at the same time for replay in the future.

Physical, Online, & Recorded Classes

Though, Online class is the least preferred option for learning due to the students' ability to concentrate in a class, but no student is able to escape from the situation when they need to attend online classes due to personal reasons.

Because of that, all lessons are recorded for students to referring back to!  Worth mentioning, this also means online and physical classes are both being conducted at the same time!
Lost focus half way through the class? No worries, we got you! 

drinking water for students. keep student hydrated

Free Coway Filtered Water

Learning may be "Brain Juice Draining", no worries, you can get FREE Refill of water at your preferred temperature from Warm to Ice Cold!  
Water purifiers are available across all SP MATHS Branches to keep students hydrated.

charging platform for students' electronic devices

Device Charging Station

Phone is a mandatory device in 21st Century. So is keeping the devices charged! SP MATHS provide charging location for students studying in SP MATHS during their lesson hours.

While providing the benefit, it is FREE to use without additional charges!

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